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Space Goddess

One of the greatest gifts photography has given me is the ability to go from nothing-to-something. An idea enters an empty mind, and manifests into art… an image representation of that idea. Powerful creativity, with velocity! Last weekend while running errands, Jen and I started pinging ideas back-and-forth… colors, mood, texture. We ran with it,
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Personal Project: Suchness

Here are a couple shots from a personal project I did a few months back that was inspired by my own life… and the beauty of surrendering into whatever life presents you with. The beautiful ying/yang of this human experience. Embrace every moment of it…

Krista Richards Promo

She can make you smile! she can make you laugh till your stomach hurts! And man-o-man… she can sing. Krista Richards is going places… there’s no doubt about it. And she will leave a wake of sunshine all the way. She was recently signed with Armada and will be performing in Juicy Beach Miami during
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Adelaide Marcus in Black and White

I was editing some photos tonight and came across this older one of Adelaide Marcus from a shoot last year… thought I would share.

DJ Diamond

I know what you are thinking… from a sweet newborn post to a wedding photobooth post to a sexy world-famous DJ promo post??? Yeah, it’s random, but that’s how I roll… niche-less and proud of it! 3 reasons why I’m really excited about these images: I finally got around to shooting another image for my
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Welcome To My New Blog!!

Well… it’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to finally have my new blog up-and-running, with all of it’s 900+pixel imagy, searchy, categorizing goodness!!! No better time than to thank all you long time visitors and welcome you new visitors… I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my work! Go on…
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