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Space Goddess

One of the greatest gifts photography has given me is the ability to go from nothing-to-something. An idea enters an empty mind, and manifests into art… an image representation of that idea. Powerful creativity, with velocity! Last weekend while running errands, Jen and I started pinging ideas back-and-forth… colors, mood, texture. We ran with it,
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Beach Fire Goddess

Anja from Indirani

Adelaide Marcus in Black and White

I was editing some photos tonight and came across this older one of Adelaide Marcus from a shoot last year… thought I would share.

Heart Light Project

Hey all! I went to Burning Man again this year back in September… for my second in a row. This year we did it a little different and, rather than staying in an RV with a small camp we decided to join a theme camp called Pink Heart. We camped right on the Esplanade (which
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My Cats

These are 2 of our *kids* They keep us quite entertained… Luna Oz

SD Strobist Meetup

I finally had an opportunity to meetup with a great group of photographers from the San Diego Strobist Group… a local division of a worldwide group of photographers focusing on off-camera artificial lighting. We had a blast… and worked on a few different lighting setups. Here are a couple from the shoot:

Adelaide Marcus

Here is a quick image post from a shoot today with Adelaide that evolved into a couple different moods. I love collaborating with creative people like this… and just iterate over the ideas that pop up, flowing with the direction that it goes. That is when I always seem to end up with a handful
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Convict Lake at Midnight

We were up in Mammoth last weekend and the full moon was a-blazing! It’s really amazing to see how much light is bouncing around with all the snow. When we arrived we decided to take a stroll down the road to Convict Lake and I caught this image around 12:30am with about a 4 second
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1. Midnight on Saturday 2. Beer 3. Tequila 4. iPhones 5. Camera This is what you get:

Black Rock City

We were beckoned and we answered the call. Burning Man was a mind-blowing, peel-your-skull-back experience! Check your skepticism at the door, swallow that judgment with a handful of playa-dust, and kiss your ego goodbye. You *may* have a choice: be an observer or be a participant. It was not a choice for us… we are
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My Kitchen

So we have this Solarium in our Kitchen that I’ve been eyeballing since we moved in, but have never shot in. Susanne and I were bored the other day so we decided to give it a whirl and wow! I’m pumped on it… it’s like a little natural light studio with 180 degrees of light.
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Canvas Prints… Finally!!

It’s been a long time coming, but Susanne and I finally printed out some canvases to hang up around the house… just the first part of a full-fledged picture project we are working on. We even got some canvases printed out from our wedding, which was shot by the one-and-only Jay Reilly (Thanks Jay!). Most
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Personal Project

Hey all… gonna get back into a personal project I started for myself a year ago… simple concept: high contrast studio portraits. Gonna let it morph into whatever comes out of the shoots… just flow with it. Got an interesting grill?? Hit me up

Don’t Think… Shoot Stupid!

In an ideal software development lifecycle, they say there is an 80/20 split: spend 80% of your time designing the solution (thinking), and 20% of your time building it (doing). Now… maybe I can blame it on the engineer in me, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t heard the phrase “Stop
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There is certainly no shortage of fire when Susanne and I go camping with our friends… whether it is being twirled, hooped, staffed, spat, or just cooking some hot dogs. I’ve been interested lately in trying to capture some of the fire-fun without use of flash, which seems to be the usual way of capturing
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“Hey Susanne… Wanna Go Take Some Photos??”

What’s better than a Las Olas breakfast torta and 5 bloody mary’s on a Sunday morning?? Pig-doggin’ a 5 ft stormy, sand-dredging bowl at Ponto Jettys, of course (for you non-surfers, that’s lingo for getting a nice barrel ride)! But until the back gets a little more R&R, a stormy, cloudy photo shoot is pretty
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