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Heart Light Project

Hey all! I went to Burning Man again this year back in September… for my second in a row. This year we did it a little different and, rather than staying in an RV with a small camp we decided to join a theme camp called Pink Heart. We camped right on the Esplanade (which for those of you who have never been, is basically the “boardwalk” of the event) so there was all sorts of excitement right at our doorstep! I had wanted to do a photo project since last year, so taking the theme of “Pink Heart” I set out to build a heart-shaped light to gift portraits to the community. I constructed the light out of masonite, balsa wood, and standard light fixtures. When used as a light source, it creates perfect heart-shaped catchlights in the eyes of the subject! Once said-and-done, it put out ~1800 Watts. I took over 400 portraits at Burning Man, and since then have brought the light with me to a few other local events for fun. Here are just a handful of some of my favorite heart light images… let me know what you think!

2013 Aaron Dressin Photography Up