» Collaborating with Sunny Strasburg

Collaborating with Sunny Strasburg

Hey all… just wanted to share a couple images that came back to me from our friend Sunny that were collaborations of my pictures and her artistic prowess (Sunny is a depth psychologist and talented visionary artist living in Utah. As a side note, she recently wrote a great article about the current BP spill calledOil Spill as Archetypal Myth” you should check out).

The first one is an image of Susanne’s spirit animal… we have this in high res and will be eventually creating a canvas print of it to put in the studio. The second is one from Sunny’s shoot in the woods and is filled with all sorts of fractally goodness!

BTW: During this shoot a few months back, Sunny had lost her wedding ring (of 18 years) in the forest. After 2 days of looking for it, she was unsuccessful in finding it, and headed back to Utah “empty handed”, pun intended. 2 months later, Susanne and I purchased a used metal detector from craigslist and spent a couple hours searching for it… and FOUND IT! We saw Sunny next at a music festival in Irvine along with her great hubby Martin… and we surprised her with the ring. It was an amazing moment for us all, and really reinforced an already wonderful friendship!


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