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Black Rock City

We were beckoned and we answered the call. Burning Man was a mind-blowing, peel-your-skull-back experience! Check your skepticism at the door, swallow that judgment with a handful of playa-dust, and kiss your ego goodbye. You *may* have a choice: be an observer or be a participant. It was not a choice for us… we are now part-of-the-whole… a spoke in the wheel. My camera barely left camp and I don’t regret a second of camera-free submersion into the radically self-expressive and highly-vibrational Black Rock City. It’s inexplicable via words, images, or a combination of both. But there is no doubt. We have evolved… in ways I’m not entirely sure we understand yet. In a place where energy coagulates into viscous streams of vibrations, you connect with the Universe in unimaginable ways and the separation between you and everything else is revealed as the illusion that it is.

I did take an hour to speed around the playa a bit and capture a couple images of the Man / art installations during sunset.


This was our camp shade structure:


2013 Aaron Dressin Photography Up