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Summer Fun

Summer came and went so fast this year for us… we really only made it down to the beach a couple of times, which is a shame considering how close we live to the water! I guess we will make up for it next Summer Remember these days?

3 Week Old Audrey

Had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning with adorable little Audrey! She was full of energy for most of the morning, but finally took a little snooze and allowed me to get a few of her off dreaming about what wondrous things a 3 week old must be dreaming about! While Audrey was taking
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9-Day Old Baby Nathan

I had a blast meeting little baby Nathan and spending time with Mark and Charane… congratulations guys! Nathan was a great model… he was throwing out all sorts of poses for us! Big brother Jack was charging around in his diapers and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of this rad little guy.

2013 Aaron Dressin Photography Up