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My Cats

These are 2 of our *kids* They keep us quite entertained… Luna Oz

Collaborating with Sunny Strasburg

Hey all… just wanted to share a couple images that came back to me from our friend Sunny that were collaborations of my pictures and her artistic prowess (Sunny is a depth psychologist and talented visionary artist living in Utah. As a side note, she recently wrote a great article about the current BP spill
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Sunny Strasburg

I’m so pumped to have gotten the opportunity to take some portraits of our good friend Sunny last weekend. Sunny is an AMAZING artist and talented Depth Psychologist from Salt Lake City. Every time we hang out with Sunny we are filled up with great energy and left with sore cheekbones! I highly recommend you
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Quick post of the beautiful Anja from Indirani – Tribal Fusion Fire Belly Dance. This particular shot is for my personal project of high contrast portraits:

Johnny & Corena : Wedding

Johnny & Corena are an amazing couple and I’m stoked to have been part of their wedding day. Congrats you two!! Here’s a handful of images from the day:

I’m Not Dead!

Thanks to those still checking out the blog to see what is happening in my world… I apologize for not being very “bloggy” lately. I am editing some stuff now and should have some posts starting to hit pretty soon… stay posted!

Twisted By Design: A Photo-Tale with Adelaide Marcus

Hey all! Just finished putting this spread together from a shoot we did last weekend, which was an absolute blast. Thanks to Adelaide Marcus, Daniel and Jake for all the help and creativity! It’s a photo-tale: Girl meets boy and they find balance and peace, in the most unlikely of circumstances.

2013 Aaron Dressin Photography Up