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Danyavaad & Shimmy Sisters – San Diego Music Awards Nominee

Hey all! If you are a visitor of my blog, you know about our good friends Danyavaad & The Shimmy Sisters. Hopefully, you have had the pleasure of watching one of their shows, and if not you should! We are super stoked for them because they have been nominated for the San Diego Music Awards
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My Kitchen

So we have this Solarium in our Kitchen that I’ve been eyeballing since we moved in, but have never shot in. Susanne and I were bored the other day so we decided to give it a whirl and wow! I’m pumped on it… it’s like a little natural light studio with 180 degrees of light.
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Canvas Prints… Finally!!

It’s been a long time coming, but Susanne and I finally printed out some canvases to hang up around the house… just the first part of a full-fledged picture project we are working on. We even got some canvases printed out from our wedding, which was shot by the one-and-only Jay Reilly (Thanks Jay!). Most
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Personal Project

Hey all… gonna get back into a personal project I started for myself a year ago… simple concept: high contrast studio portraits. Gonna let it morph into whatever comes out of the shoots… just flow with it. Got an interesting grill?? Hit me up

Don’t Think… Shoot Stupid!

In an ideal software development lifecycle, they say there is an 80/20 split: spend 80% of your time designing the solution (thinking), and 20% of your time building it (doing). Now… maybe I can blame it on the engineer in me, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t heard the phrase “Stop
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There is certainly no shortage of fire when Susanne and I go camping with our friends… whether it is being twirled, hooped, staffed, spat, or just cooking some hot dogs. I’ve been interested lately in trying to capture some of the fire-fun without use of flash, which seems to be the usual way of capturing
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Johnny & Corena : Wedding

Johnny & Corena are an amazing couple and I’m stoked to have been part of their wedding day. Congrats you two!! Here’s a handful of images from the day:

I’m Not Dead!

Thanks to those still checking out the blog to see what is happening in my world… I apologize for not being very “bloggy” lately. I am editing some stuff now and should have some posts starting to hit pretty soon… stay posted!

Lighting Workshop

Haven’t had a lot of time to post lately and I’m fiending to get out and shoot something soon… got some shoots in the pipeline so stay tuned. Finally getting around to posting some images from a workshop that I helped out with last month with my friend, and talented photog Jay Reilly. He had
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Twisted By Design: A Photo-Tale with Adelaide Marcus

Hey all! Just finished putting this spread together from a shoot we did last weekend, which was an absolute blast. Thanks to Adelaide Marcus, Daniel and Jake for all the help and creativity! It’s a photo-tale: Girl meets boy and they find balance and peace, in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Testing with Cat

Hey all… thanks for stopping by! Wow, what a kick ass Valentine’s weekend! Susanne and I charged down to Coronado with our bikes and charged all over the place… then capped it off with a very festive movie, Friday the 13th! :-\ What can I say, we are die hard romantics! Also managed to squeeze
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“Hey Susanne… Wanna Go Take Some Photos??”

What’s better than a Las Olas breakfast torta and 5 bloody mary’s on a Sunday morning?? Pig-doggin’ a 5 ft stormy, sand-dredging bowl at Ponto Jettys, of course (for you non-surfers, that’s lingo for getting a nice barrel ride)! But until the back gets a little more R&R, a stormy, cloudy photo shoot is pretty
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So Cal Surf Living

The surf was down, but the sun was out! Perfect weather to capture that one-of-a-kind North County surf lifestyle

Beach Yoga with Fiona

Hey everyone! I took some yoga pictures of our good friend, and yoga instructor Fiona. We had a blast and got some nice images during a low-tide sunset. Need to get your stretch on? Call up Fiona!

More Tears From Kicker

Got a few more tears from the Kicker shoot I thought I would share:

Welcome To My New Blog!!

Well… it’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to finally have my new blog up-and-running, with all of it’s 900+pixel imagy, searchy, categorizing goodness!!! No better time than to thank all you long time visitors and welcome you new visitors… I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my work! Go on…
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