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Space Goddess

One of the greatest gifts photography has given me is the ability to go from nothing-to-something. An idea enters an empty mind, and manifests into art… an image representation of that idea. Powerful creativity, with velocity! Last weekend while running errands, Jen and I started pinging ideas back-and-forth… colors, mood, texture. We ran with it,
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Personal Project: Suchness

Here are a couple shots from a personal project I did a few months back that was inspired by my own life… and the beauty of surrendering into whatever life presents you with. The beautiful ying/yang of this human experience. Embrace every moment of it…

Beach Fire Goddess

Anja from Indirani


When I first saw Hoopcharmer perform I was mesmerized: fluidity… grace… passion… beauty. I was excited for the photo shoot that was-to-happen even before I met her. I was incredibly stoked to collaborate with her on a fun promotional shoot for her business Charmed Life Entertainment: a booking and talent management company specializing in unique
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Summer Fun

Summer came and went so fast this year for us… we really only made it down to the beach a couple of times, which is a shame considering how close we live to the water! I guess we will make up for it next Summer Remember these days?

Larissa :: Boudoir

Here’s a few images from a recent Boudior session with Larissa


Hi everyone! Here are a few from a recent shoot with the lovely Anja from Indirani Tribal Fusion Fire Belly Dance…

Krista Richards Promo

She can make you smile! she can make you laugh till your stomach hurts! And man-o-man… she can sing. Krista Richards is going places… there’s no doubt about it. And she will leave a wake of sunshine all the way. She was recently signed with Armada and will be performing in Juicy Beach Miami during
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Adelaide Marcus in Black and White

I was editing some photos tonight and came across this older one of Adelaide Marcus from a shoot last year… thought I would share.

Murmur – R.E.M. Tribute Band

I did a shoot with Murmur last week, an R.E.M. tribute band for an article in the Reader:

Viraja Prema

Viraja is uber-talented with many specialities including life coaching, massage therapy, singing, and modeling/acting. She was looking for some images to use in both her marketing materials, as well as her portfolio. Here are a handful from the bunch: this next one was Viraja’s idea and I love it!

Heart Light Project

Hey all! I went to Burning Man again this year back in September… for my second in a row. This year we did it a little different and, rather than staying in an RV with a small camp we decided to join a theme camp called Pink Heart. We camped right on the Esplanade (which
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My Cats

These are 2 of our *kids* They keep us quite entertained… Luna Oz

Upcoming Shoots

Hey all! Haven’t been shooting very much lately as I have recently changed jobs and it’s keeping me BUSY! I do have some great shoots lined up over the next couple months that I am really excited about… so stay tuned! Here’s a quick image post I ran across while archiving some sets:

Freshley Family

The Freshleys flew out from Oklahoma for some fun sunny So-Cal beach family shots, and although the sun escaped us we still managed to have a blast running around coastal North County!! Here is a quick sneak peak of the images:

Collaborating with Sunny Strasburg

Hey all… just wanted to share a couple images that came back to me from our friend Sunny that were collaborations of my pictures and her artistic prowess (Sunny is a depth psychologist and talented visionary artist living in Utah. As a side note, she recently wrote a great article about the current BP spill
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DJ Genesis Promo Shoot

I first watched DJ Genesis perform at a festival in Mexico this past year and was completely blown away with her driving electro beats. She was needing some new promotional imagery to match her high-energy musical talent.. Just as she is in front of a massive crowd of music lovers, she was a pro in
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3 Week Old Audrey

Had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning with adorable little Audrey! She was full of energy for most of the morning, but finally took a little snooze and allowed me to get a few of her off dreaming about what wondrous things a 3 week old must be dreaming about! While Audrey was taking
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Sunny Strasburg

I’m so pumped to have gotten the opportunity to take some portraits of our good friend Sunny last weekend. Sunny is an AMAZING artist and talented Depth Psychologist from Salt Lake City. Every time we hang out with Sunny we are filled up with great energy and left with sore cheekbones! I highly recommend you
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China Brooks

China Brooks is badass! Buckets of positivity, smiles, and just plain great energy… and she is just flat-out gorgeous! China is a spiritual counselor and actress currently living in L.A…. check her out HERE!

SD Strobist Meetup

I finally had an opportunity to meetup with a great group of photographers from the San Diego Strobist Group… a local division of a worldwide group of photographers focusing on off-camera artificial lighting. We had a blast… and worked on a few different lighting setups. Here are a couple from the shoot:

Adelaide Marcus

Here is a quick image post from a shoot today with Adelaide that evolved into a couple different moods. I love collaborating with creative people like this… and just iterate over the ideas that pop up, flowing with the direction that it goes. That is when I always seem to end up with a handful
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Convict Lake at Midnight

We were up in Mammoth last weekend and the full moon was a-blazing! It’s really amazing to see how much light is bouncing around with all the snow. When we arrived we decided to take a stroll down the road to Convict Lake and I caught this image around 12:30am with about a 4 second
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1. Midnight on Saturday 2. Beer 3. Tequila 4. iPhones 5. Camera This is what you get:


Quick post of the beautiful Anja from Indirani – Tribal Fusion Fire Belly Dance. This particular shot is for my personal project of high contrast portraits:

DJ Diamond

I know what you are thinking… from a sweet newborn post to a wedding photobooth post to a sexy world-famous DJ promo post??? Yeah, it’s random, but that’s how I roll… niche-less and proud of it! 3 reasons why I’m really excited about these images: I finally got around to shooting another image for my
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9-Day Old Baby Nathan

I had a blast meeting little baby Nathan and spending time with Mark and Charane… congratulations guys! Nathan was a great model… he was throwing out all sorts of poses for us! Big brother Jack was charging around in his diapers and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of this rad little guy.

Black Rock City

We were beckoned and we answered the call. Burning Man was a mind-blowing, peel-your-skull-back experience! Check your skepticism at the door, swallow that judgment with a handful of playa-dust, and kiss your ego goodbye. You *may* have a choice: be an observer or be a participant. It was not a choice for us… we are
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